Deep Sleep Tea

Sleepy tea

Last night I made a tea with Passion Flower Leaves, Spearmint Leaves and a few Lavender Flowers. It was the ticket to knock me out and have a good night’s sleep!

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The Heart of a Healthy Marriage


By Rebecca A.

A healthy marriage contributes to the well-being of your body as we are integrated beings of soul, body and spirit. Two have become one, so we share our souls, bodies and spirits. We contribute to each other’s health as we  communicate and live in love together.

In a true marriage we have made a covenant to be exclusive for the other. For the first time in our lives we can create a safe haven for each other where no one else can enter. Only in this relationship can we share openly and honestly be who we are. We know that no matter what happens in the external world, there is one who loves and cares for me unconditionally–a picture of God’s great love for us.

Knowing that one person loves and cares is not enough sometimes when bumps and differences occur. What do you do though when one of you has their possessions all over the house and the other spouse has their things in drawers and closets? We usually get either yell and accuse the other of being inconsiderate of our feelings or we withdraw and bitterness is bred. So, how do we avoid either yelling or giving the silent treatment and actively live in love with one another?

A very important first step is to think of the other as “Thou.” Thinking of our spouse as “thou” means we accept our spouse as they are and we  allow them to be real and genuine. They are designed in a special way by God. We think of them as a unique person, not exactly like myself. Not only do we come from a different family, but we have different personalities and gift. We also have wounds and have developed ways to cope with those wounds either learned from our early childhood or inherited in our DNA. We have variant perspectives of what is good or right. We really do love each other but how do we live in love when we cannot understand how or why the other do things the way they do. We assume our spouse should know what we think or have common sense to do it the way we have always done it. Of course, it is the right way to do things! 😉 It is the best and most sensible way, we think.

Instead, we need to develop an attitude that our spouse may have their own feelings, perspectives that may be slightly different or very different from our own, and that we allow them to be themselves.

To love well, we learn to listen reflectively. At the beginning, we may have to repeat back what our spouse says just to be sure we are listening. As we listen, we understand the rationale for their behavior and realize some of our false assumptions or expectations. The gift of listening lies at the heart of a healthy marriage.

©2014 Rebe A

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All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray

This evening I was out racking the leaves. Since we moved here a month ago there was a pile of leaves several inches thick the hill just outside the metal fence. I have been thinking about raking those leaves way too long. I needed to take action. Today at the spur of the moment, I started raking the leaves. Within a few minutes, the mosquitos were after me. I put together this recipe and it really worked. Those pesty critters stayed away when I sprayed this recipe on my exposed skin. Yay! I wanna share with you, too! 🙂
All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray
2 T Water
1 t Alcohol
3 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
1 oz spray bottle

Combine and spray away!

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Honey for Hun’s Bee Sting

bee sting after 3 h

Hubbie ran in… “What do I do? I got stung by a bee while pulling out English Ivy. It is swollen and it hurts!” he said. “Put on some honey. It is supposed to reduce inflammation,” I said. He put some on and continued to work outside. 3 hours later, he tells me, “That stuff really works! The inflammation is down.”

Hence the picture.The bee sting–stings no more….

Honey does the trick.

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Spotted leaves for Chest Relief

Herbs0019Lung Wort

Lung wort as the first title of its name implies has to do with the lungs.Both the leaves and the flowering parts of the plant contain astringent (bringing tissue together),  demulcent (soothing), diuretic, (increases the flow of urine), emollient (relaxing), expectorant (helps secretion of phlegm), resolvent (reduces inflammation or infection) properties.  As a result of all these properties Lungwort is an excellent herb to help any situation related to the lungs.  Combining it with Coltsfoot can assist in relieving asthma or chronic coughs. Not only does Lungwort help with any lung situation, the leaves have been effective in slowing down bleeding because of their astringent characteristics.

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Stomach Pain

This morning my husband woke early with an acute stomach pain on the left side of his abdomen.  He thought it was from his spicy food that he had for supper.  He drank milk which did not seem to help. Then I made some ginger with spearmint tea. Still there was little relief.  Going to the bathroom helped some, but there was still pain.  Next, I rubbed on castor oil.  He was able to sleep, and it brought the pain down to almost nothing.  I added more after an hour with a warm compress.  From the very beginning, I sensed I should use castor oil, but I was not convinced until I read its healing benefits.  See my tweet for more information.

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